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since 2007

content management

Marketing, production, implementation, analytics.

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Content strategy

Marketing and production strategies to maintain global, localized content.

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Optimized content for search engine performance with reportable results.

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Quality assurance

Content that works and communicates across devices and languages.

recent projects

Super cool stuff!

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Technical production and content publishing in 47 locales/languages.

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Sony Computer Entertainment

Test management and quality assurance.

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Content and test management in 41+ languages.

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TNT - now FedEx

Content management in 220+ locales and languages.


Blog testing. I don't blog much, but I test a lot.

2017-02-18 No Comments

Another test blog post

Because I’m testing some stuff on WordPress and I need to add more content…

2015-05-10 No Comments

Translations преводи ترجمة

Localizing a site can be very tricky, especially on a large scale with a lot of content, locations, and languages involved. Here are some key areas of focus when dealing with translations management to prevent future mishaps such as acquiring a new font, redesigning areas of the site where the text won’t fit, and ordering unnecessary additional […]

2015-05-02 2 comments


Testing 1, 2, 3… Bacon ipsum Bacon ipsum dolor amet kielbasa tail tongue tenderloin, rump swine cow sausage capicola flank ball tip. Leberkas andouille jowl beef turkey chuck. Salami meatball prosciutto biltong ball tip bresaola, brisket chicken ham cow beef ribs flank. Filet mignon meatloaf beef bresaola, spare ribs ham hock jowl cow boudin pork […]